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An immersive, in-studio workout experience that beats other smart mirror technology.

Sleek Design For Any Home


Thinnest Fitness Mirror

At only 1.3 inches deep, FITURE’s slim and compact frame leaves you more room to move.


Simple Set Up

Fits into any room with easy-to-use buttons, making it quick to turn on and off.


Life-Size Instructor Screen

Our 43”, high-resolution screen offers you a life-like, immersive experience making it easy to follow our world-class instructors.


Immersive Sound System

Our dual-frequency stereo speakers wrap you in sound so you can get lost in your workout.


Sophisticated Silhouette

The elegant, U-shaped frame blends in seamlessly with any home decor.


FITURE Subscription

Multiple Profiles

Your FITURE membership offers personalized profiles for up to six household members.

Unlimited Content

You get access to all our exclusive content, across all the fitness classes we offer, with no additional hidden fees to unlock the stuff you really want.

Cancel Anytime

We don’t believe in locking you into long-term contracts. When life gets in the way of training, just pause or cancel, then come back when you’re ready.

Money-Back Guarantee

Have a change of heart? No problem. Let us know within 30 days and we’ll pick up your FITURE device for free and refund you instantly.

Manage Your Smart Mirror Through The FITURE App

Your device is powered and operated by our easy-to-use FITURE app, where you can seamlessly schedule your workouts, sign up for notifications, view your workout summaries, create customized classes, and so much more. Our Bluetooth functionality also connects to any heart-rate monitor, such as your Apple Watch, or the one provided in the introductory FIT KIT. The FITURE app is available on both iOS and Android devices in your app store.



Will I need a bunch of accessories to use my FITURE device?

No. While you can enhance certain workouts with accessories if you choose to, you do not need additional accessories to exercise with FITURE. Most classes just require a workout mat and room to move. In fact, many classes can be started with the raise of a hand to ensure your most seamless virtual workout yet. If you do choose to level-up a class with accessories, the FITURE device is compatible with other smart accessories such as your favorite Bluetooth headphones or watch, and other small-space equipment such as yoga blocks, hand-held weights, and resistance bands.

What is included in my FITURE subscription?

We understand that even with the best of intentions, plans can change, so we offer a membership plan without the fear of getting locked into a never-ending contract. Instead, our flexible, month-to-month membership service gives you an all-access pass to our original content including immersive classes, global challenges, motivating instructors, and more exclusive content that inspires, invigorates, and grows with you. An active membership is required to use your FITURE device. This subscription costs $39 a month, and it will start upon the set up of your FITURE app.

What types of classes are offered on my FITURE device?

You want it, we've got it! We offer a wide variety of exclusive, studio-level classes, in a range of categories such as strength, boxing, HIIT, cardio sculpt, barre, pilates, streching, yoga, meditation and more! Led by instructors at the top of their field, our immersive classes are accessible in fitness levels from beginner to elite athlete, in addition to all-level classes where community members of any skill set can join. We also offer multi-week training programs designed to train, build strength, or get started with a type of workout you have never tried before. There are also timed endurance challenges, such as 1-minute jumping jacks or plank challenges, where you can compete on a global leaderboard. If it sounds fun, it's because it is.

What is the ideal spot to install my FITURE device in my home?

While the FITURE device can be either wall mounted or sit securely against a wall, for your safety we recommend that you always install your FITURE device indoors against a stable wall in a flat, dry area, and on a non-slippery floor if you do not wish to mount it.