Frequently Asked



1. What is a FITURE fitness device?

Our innovative FITURE device is a fitness mirror that blends effortlessly into your home. Our smart device combines cutting-edge technology, fun interactive classes, and world-class original content to create a seamless workout experience in the comfort of your own space. We offer hundreds of immersive, studio-level workouts—in skill levels from beginner to elite athlete—all taught by top instructors in a range of interests including barre, boxing, pilates, yoga, HIIT, strength and more, with new classes added each week. Made to transform your body, mind, and your mood, our device uses game-changing Motion Engine™ technology to assist and coach you throughout each workout, from correcting your form to counting reps, to help you maximize every move. It's like a personal gym built specifically for your changing schedule, strengths and goals.

2. What is included in my FITURE device purchase?

Your equipment purchase includes our innovative FITURE smart fitness device, and included in the box with the device are also the lens cap, lens cleaning cloth, and anti-tilt anchor. A cancel anytime monthly membership subscription, which is not included in the device purchase itself, is required to use your FITURE device.

3. What technology does FITURE use to help correct my form, count reps, etc.?

Powered by our game-changing Motion Engine™ technology, our exclusive motion-tracking camera scans skeletal points on your body to assess each movement and provide real-time feedback on your form. It's a smarter way to workout that strengthens every move, helps prevent injury, and keeps count of each hard-earned rep so you can stay focused and safe in the moment.

4. What makes FITURE different from other fitness mirror devices?

Each FITURE device is powered by our exclusive Motion Engine™ technology, which requires no calibration. The technology uses smart motion sensors to track your movement, provide real-time feedback on your form, and count reps. Our device's sleek design and stunning finish is also the only mirror device offered in five exculsive colors, so you can choose one that best blends into your home and personal style.

5. Can my entire family use FITURE to workout?

Yes, people of all ages can exercise with a FITURE device! We offer workouts in a range of skill levels—from aspiring beginner to elite athlete—all led by our team of world-class instructors, so wherever you are in your fitness journey there's a fresh challenge just a tap away. With over 250 classes, and more added each week, our immersive classes include Strength, Boxing, HIIT, Cardio Sculpt, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Meditation, and so much more for a fitness routine that's as invigorating as it is fun for the whole fam.

6. Will I need any additional accessories to use my FITURE device?

No. While you can enhance certain workouts with accessories if you choose to, you do not need additional accessories to exercise with FITURE. Most classes just require a workout mat and room to move. In fact, many classes can be started with the raise of a hand to ensure your most seamless virtual workout yet. If you do choose to level-up a class with accessories, the FITURE device is compatible with other smart accessories such as your favorite Bluetooth headphones or watch, and other small-space equipment such as yoga blocks, hand-held weights, and resistance bands.

7. Where can I download the FITURE app?

You will need the FITURE app to navigate the device as well as to access all of our amazing contents. Our FITURE app is available for both IOS and Android phones, and you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

8. Can I gift someone else a FITURE device?

What a great gift! Because we typically use the same email address that was used to purchase each device to later set up that device in our app, you will first need to reach out to our customer service department at to initiate sending a FITURE device as a gift. From there, our support team will be happy to assist you in setting up a membership account using a different email than the one that was used for purchase.

FITURE Device Operation

1. How do I turn my FITURE device on and off?

There is a main power button, located on the right side of your FITURE device. When plugged in to a power outlet, simply press the power button to turn on the device. Once on, pressing the button a second time will turn off the screen. If you would like to power off the device completely, press and hold the power button for a count of 5 seconds.

2. How do I control the volume?

Sound can be controlled on both the FITURE device itself, and through your FITURE app.
On the FITURE device, you can physically adjust the sound using the volume up and down buttons located on the right side of the device. During a workout, you can control the level of the background music, as well as the instructor's voice, in the Remote Control section of your app. To get there, just tap on the Volume button located at the bottom right corner of the Remote Control page, and drag the toggle to adjust to your personal sound preferences.

3. How do I set up my FITURE device for the first time?

a. First, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the FITURE app.
b. Open the FITURE app on your phone, and set up your personal account using the same email you used when purchasing your FITURE device. Note that you may be redirected to our website to update your password. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish your account set up.
c. Once your account is set up, click on the Device button at the top right corner of the home page screen to go to the Device Management page.
d. Follow the instructions on the Device Management page to set up your FITURE device. Please note that your device may take some time to initialize when you make the first connection.

4. How do I pair the included heart rate monitor (FITURE HRM) to my device?

a. Press the Power button to turn on the FITURE heart rate monitor. A blinking blue light indicates that your HRM is looking for your heart rate.
b. Once the HRM has detected your heart rate, the light will stop blinking.
c. At this point, your FITURE HRM should automatically connect to your FITURE device.
d. When you have exceeded your maximum heart rate during a workout, your HRM will vibrate three times.
e. To turn off your HRM, press and hold the button until a red light blinks to indicate that the HRM is in the off mode.
f. If you have successfully connected your FITURE HRM, you should be able to see your heart rate on the top right corner of the device during any workout.

5. Can I connect my Apple Watch to my FITURE device?

a. Yes. To do so, first go to settings on your Apple Watch, toggling though to Health, then Apps, then FITURE. Select "Turn On All" to grant health data access for FITURE app.
b. Restart your FITURE app on the Watch by pressing the watch's side button.
c. Using your finger or the digital crown, scroll through the open apps.
d. Select the FITURE app and swipe from right to left on it. Tap the large red X.
e. Now you can connect your Apple Watch to your FITURE Device in the Device Management page or through the controller each time you start a class.
f. To connect from the device itself, click on the Device Managment button on the top right corner of the home page. Select the Watch icon to bring up settings for heart rate monitors. Click on the Apple Watch to connect.
g. To set up from the controller, click on the Watch icon on the bottom left corner. The controller page shows up when you start any class.

6. How do I connect to my bluetooth speakers or headphones?

a. First, click on the Device button on the top right corner of the home page. This will take you to the Device Management page.
b. Select the Sound icon to display the sound settings.
c. Click "Sound Output" to display the available list of available devices.
d. Select the name of the device you would like to connect to.

7. How can I reset my network?

Press and hold the Power button and volume up (+) button simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. Then press the volume up (+) button again to confirm the reset.

8. How do I reset my FITURE device back to the original factory settings?

Press and hold the Power button and volume down (-) button simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. Then press the volume up (+) button again to confirm the reset.

9. How do I clean and care for my device?

Your FITURE device should always be kept in a dry, indoor space—please avoid all outdoor usage. To clean the device, use the cleaning cloth included in the box to gently wipe the surface, avoiding the use of any chemicals, as it may cause damage to the screen.

10. What is the warranty for my FITURE device?

Your FITURE device comes with a 12-month Limited Warranty included. Details of the warranty can be found HERE (Warranty). If you have any additional questions regarding your warranty, please contact our support team at


1. What is included in my FITURE subscription?

We understand that even with the best of intentions, plans can change, so we offer a membership plan without the fear of getting locked into a never-ending contract. Instead, our flexible, month-to-month membership service gives you an all-access pass to our original content including immersive classes, global challenges, motivating instructors, and more exclusive content that inspires, invigorates, and grows with you. An active membership is required to use your FITURE device. This subscription costs $39 a month, and it will start upon the set up of your FITURE app.

2. How do I sign up for a FITURE membership?

Once you have purchased and received your FITURE device, you will need to activate a FITURE membership to unlock all our amazing content. You will be prompted to activate your membership subscription during the set up process in the app. If you have questions about our membership terms and conditions, please read more HERE (Membership T&Cs).

3. How do I pause or cancel my membership?

It's no sweat! You may cancel your subscription in the User Center on our website at any time. To do so, please sign in using your email and password. To enter the User Center, please click on your profile photo. You can now opt to cancel your subscription under "My Subscription." Once your cancellation is confirmed, you will have access to FITURE content until the end of the current month's 30-day billing cycle.

4. How often am I billed for my subscription?

Your subscription fee will be billed every 30 days. Once you have been successfully charged, your membership is valid for 30 days until the start of the next billing cycle.

5. When does my membership start?

Your FITURE membership will begin when you click the "Activate Membership" button when setting up your FITURE app.

6. Can I have multiple subscriptions?

You will be assigned a membership to be activated with each device you have purchased, and you can choose when to activate/deactivate any of your memberships. When you have multiple memberships, you will also be prompted which one to use when you connect to a new device, and when you switch between devices.

7. How many users can share a membership on my FITURE device?

Bring the whole fam! You can add up to 6 household members for each membership subscription on your device. To manage your household members, go to your profile in the app and select "Household Members."

8. Can I use my membership on other FITURE devices that aren't mine?

Yes, you can sign in to use your subscription on other FITURE devices, but please note that if you are the main account holder, your household members will only be able to workout on the last device you were last connected to.

9. Where can I read the full membership terms and conditions?

Membership terms and conditions can be found on our website page HERE. (Membership T&Cs)

10. How can I update the email associated with my account?

If you need to change the email connected to your FITURE account, please contact us at

11. How can I reactivate a cancelled membership?

Welcome back, we've missed you! If your membership was suspended or expired due to failed payments, you can update your credit card information online. Once logged on to the website, click on your profile to access the User Center page. Then update your payment information in the "My Subscriptions" tab. If you canceled your membership and wish to resume your subscription, you can reactivate your membership online or in the app. On the website, go to the "My Subscriptions" tab. In the app, visit your profile, then click on "Household Members" then "Switch subscriptions" to reactivate.

12. How do I change or reset my FITURE password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can change it by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link either online or in your app. You will receive a link in your email with instructions to reset it. If you wish to update your current password, you can change it either online or in the app. On the website, please go to the User Center then navigate to "Account Settings," then "Password," and select the "Update Password" button. You will need to first enter your current password before choosing your new password. In the app, go into Account Settings within your Profile section and click on "Account and Security" before choosing the "Change Password" option. You will also need to enter your current password before providing a new password.

Classes & Workouts

1. What types of classes are offered on my FITURE device?

You want it, we've got it! We offer a wide variety of exclusive, studio-level classes, in a range of categories such as strength, boxing, HIIT, cardio sculpt, barre, pilates, streching, yoga, meditation and more! Led by instructors at the top of their field, our immersive classes are accessible in fitness levels from beginner to elite athlete, in addition to all-level classes where community members of any skill set can join. We also offer multi-week training programs designed to train, build strength, or get started with a type of workout you have never tried before. There are also timed endurance challenges, such as 1-minute jumping jacks or plank challenges, where you can compete on a global leaderboard. If it sounds fun, it's because it is.

2. How often will new classes be added?

All the time. We will be launching with hundreds of studio-level classes on-demand, then adding over 20 new classes each week. With so much new original content constantly being added—taught by our growing roster of in-demand instructors—we strongly recommend that you turn on notifications in your FITURE app so you can stay in the know about all of our amazing new workouts, challenges, and instructors!

3. Are there classes suitable for absolute beginners, or someone recovering from an injury?

Yes! We have a wide range of skill levels, starting from a Day 1 beginner. You can also filter classes based on difficulty level as you slowly gain skill and strength. If you are recovering from an injury, please note that when you sign up for the app, we will ask you questions to personalize class recommendations based on your injury.

4. How can I customize my workouts even further?

Already have a HIIT routine that you love? Take it to the next-level when you customize your next workout with additional movements and breaks, such as adding more reps, extending how long you hold each movement, or when you take a break. We'll help count your reps and countdown the clock so you can stay in the moment and make each move more powerful than the last. It's a personalized touch that keeps pushing you further.

5. Can I bookmark or save my favorite classes and instructors to find them easier?

Of course! Each class card has a heart icon in the app that you can click on to add that class to your list of favorites. A similar icon will soon be added to each instructor's page so they can also be added to your favorites queue.


1. Does the FITURE device have a two-way camera where my instructor can see me?

No, our instructors can not see you through the device camera, so your messy bedhead can stay that way. The camera on the FITURE device is not two-way, and only uses the camera's innovative Motion Engine™ sensors to scan for skeletal points as a non-invasive guide to provide real-time corrective feedback.

2. How is my privacy protected while using my FITURE device, as well as when it is not in use?

Your privacy is important to us. Our motion-tracking camera does not collect or store any images or videos. Our innovative Motion Engine™ sensors are only active during workouts, scanning your body to correct your overall form without collecting any identifying information. This camera is only turned on during a workout, and otherwise remains off. When the device is powered off, you may also place the included magnetic cap cover over the camera sensor to help it stay dust-free when you are not actively using your device.
You may also turn off the Motion Engine™ functionality. Please note that by turning off this functionality, you will not be able to use any functionality that is powered by our Motion Engine™ such as form feedback and rep counting. On your FITURE APP, go to Profile - Account Settings - Privacy and you can turn off Motion Posture Analysis there.

Order status

1. How can I check my order status?

There is a "Check Order" button on the header of our website, please follow instructions there to check your order.

2. How can I cancel my order?

a. If order hasn't shipped yet, you can cancel your orderHERE
b. If you need to cancel your order, but your device has already shipped, please contact us at

3. How can I return my FITURE device?

We have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee program, where you can return your device and cancel your membership within 30 days of delivery. Please refer to the terms and conditions here (Money Back Guarantee) for more details.

4. Where can I view my purchase history?

You may view your previous purchases on the User Center page online. Just sign into the website with your email and password, then go to your profile in the User Center. Under "My Orders" you will see a list of all your past purchases.

5. Do you offer financing?

Unfortunately, we do not have financing options for pre-order. However, financing options will be available after pre-order, so please stay tuned!

Delivery & Installation

1. Does FITURE ship internationally?

We are currently only shipping within the contiguous United States, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories.

2. Can I change my delivery address?

You may only change your delivery address before your device starts shipping. If you need to change your address prior to delivery, please contact us at as soon as possible.

3. How do I schedule or update my delivery window?

You will receive an email from us once your order is ready to start shipping. You will then receive a call, text, or email from our delivery partner once your device has been delivered to the nearest delivery hub. If you received an email saying that your device was ready to start shipping, but did not receive a separate email to schedule the delivery within 14 days of that email, please contact us at If you have scheduled your delivery date but your plans have changed and you need to update your delivery window, please contact our delivery partner as soon as possible.

4. What is the ideal spot to install my FITURE device in my home?

While the FITURE device can be either wall mounted or sit securely against a wall, for your safety we recommend that you always install your FITURE device indoors against a stable wall in a flat, dry area, and on a non-slippery floor if you do not wish to mount it.

5. Do you offer wall installation with delivery?

We do! If you would like to add our wall-mount package to your delivery, please contact our support team at as soon as possible after placing your order and prior to your delivery date.

6. How do I set it up if I don't wish to mount it?

Simply securely lean your device against a stable wall and start your workout! To help further secure your device in this position, you can also easily attach it to a wall using the included safehook.

7. Can I change the placement of my FITURE device if I want to move it later?

Sure, we like to occasionally rearrange our furniture too. If your FITURE device is already mounted to the wall, please contact us to move your device to another location. If your device is not wall mounted, you may move the device with caution.

8. Can I install my FITURE device outside or in the garage?

Nope. FITURE devices are not weatherproof. As your device is not waterproof, and is sensitive to extreme temperature changes and moisture, please avoid all outdoor usage. Please be advised that using the device in unsupported conditions such as a garage or patio may void your warranty.

9. When can I expect to receive my FITURE device?

During the pre-order process, it may take up to 8 weeks for your order to be ready to ship. We will contact you once your order is ready to be shipped, and will send a dedicated email asking you to reserve a delivery day.
After the pre-order phase, you can expect your order to arrive approximately 2 weeks after you placed the order. We will keep you updated via email to make sure that you know where your device is throughout this process!

10. How much space do I need to use my FITURE device?

While it may depend on your signature dance moves for our cardio dance class, for most classes, you will just need enough space to place your workout mat. Depending on your height, you may also need enough space to stand about 3–5 feet back from the device.


1. Where can I download the app?

You will need the FITURE app to navigate the device as well as to access all of our amazing contents. Our FITURE app is available for both IOS and Android phones, and you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. How can I get request help through the app?

First, please make sure that you are using the most updated version of the app. Next, you can visit the "Help and Support" page within your Profile section of the app.

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