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At Fiture, we’re committed to building healthy lifestyles and a connected community through smart fitness design. We’ve combined innovative technology and world-class original content to create a studio-level workout experience at home. Tailored to fit your unique schedule and personal goals, it’s the ultimate fitness program for body, mind, and mood.

As the companion to your stylish Fiture device, our easy-to-use app puts the power of Fiture in the palm of your hand. It seamlessly connects to your device, schedules everything from your next individual class to a multi-week program with the tap of a button, offers fitness assessments and training tips, and celebrates your milestones every step of the way. It’s intelligent technology that trains, coaches, and supports you in real time.

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—Experience enriching original fitness content led by world-class instructors, allowing you to enjoy boutique-like classes, customized courses and challenges at home, 24 hours a day

—Our wide range of interactive workout options bring the studio to you with options including Strength, HIIT, Bootcamp, Dance/Dance Cardio, Yoga, Cardio Sculpt, Pilates, Stretching & Meditation, Boxing, Barre, and more

—Real-time coaching, tips, and guidance to ensure correct form for effective movements and safe training

—Count and record reps with our device’s motion sensors so you can concentrate on the strength of each individual move

—Track your milestones and progress when you access your workout stats at a glance

—Receive personalized class recommendations, tailored training plans, and customized challenges based on your interests and progress

—Train, share achievements, and connect with family and friends as you build your Fiture community for both support and celebration

—Synchronize with your Bluetooth heart-rate monitor or smartwatch to complete your overall health snapshot

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